asparagus, scapes and favas

asparagus, scapes and favas
garlic scapes, purple-tipped asparagus, zucchini

You don’t know what a happy girl I am when spring vegetables start popping up, both literally from the ground and in my markets. Don’t get me wrong, I adore, adore roots and winter greens, but I’m fickle and like a change.

Last Sunday I spotted garlic scapes. They’re a form of green garlic; the delicious by-product of a farmer removing the flowering top from hard-necked garlic to promote growth of the bulb. Scapes look like a fat scallion, and while some gardeners toss them into the compost pile, savvy folks are growing garlic for the pure bliss of having these little darlings. Their flavor is mild and verdant. Use them basically like a spring onion, with a delicate hand.

asparagus, scapes and favas
basket of fava beans

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toast + egg salad

let us eat toast topped with eggs and avocado

Are you an egg person? I’m actually more of a toast person, and I like stuff on my toast. Peanut butter (has to be crunchy or extra crunchy if available) and jam (once again, I like the chunks), avocado with a bit of sea salt and a couple of grindings of black pepper or herbs and cheese and maybe some vegetable substance. To me, this is breakfast or even lunch or dinner.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I follow that refrain, having a bite of something; not always straightaway, but after coffee and before even thinking about lunchtime. Some of my go-to’s include smoothies with lots of goodness crammed in, fruit and granola (love, love, love this) or back to the topped toast.  I’m not usually a waffle or pancake person. They’re just too sweet in the morning. Sort of like that barista who’s a little to chipper before I’ve received my cuppa. Continue reading