tonight: brisket stew with mushrooms and braising greens

tonight: brisket stewI cooked a brisket. When you cook a brisket, you have meat and more meat, even when you send a large piece home with guests.

We ate meat, we ate sandwich-leftovers, and still there was a chunk in the refrigerator.

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tonight: spinach fettuccine with pan roasted kale

tonight: spinach fettuccineWell, friends, 2017 is winding down. As the season goes, I’ve wined and dined, Kahlua and creamed, fudged and brittled my way through. Don’t judge, you’ve done the same. And, truth be told, I’ve eaten pretty darn well given all the delicacies. But, what I’m really craving is salad; a plain mix of greens with a little olive oil, some balsamic and a pinch of salt and pepper. Yep, bring it on in copious amounts. Continue reading