baked with big fat crumbs, and butter

ginger and vanilla meet up with bears and big buttery crumbs
ginger and vanilla meet up with pears and big buttery crumbs
Tomorrow is the first official day of fall, my absolute favorite time of year.

The colors are mind-blowing; the air is pleasant, with just the right amount of freshness so I can slip on jeans and a light sweater (insert a big autumn sigh here.)

Cooler temps mean the oven will be turned on in abandon to create luscious baked wonders usually found in favorite coffee house haunts.   I admit to being more of a savory sort of girl, but the thought of warm, buttery, spice-filled coffeecake gets me every time. Continue reading

corn stalks: a land of giants with silky tassels

corn stalks: a land of giants with silky tassels
the risotto even has a jaunty sprig of thyme!
I can’t even begin to tell you how much sweet corn I’ve eaten this summer. I’m positive it’s more than a gunnysack full; at least in my mind.

Ears of golden yellow and honeyed white corn have been roasted on the grill until kernels pop, sliced off the cob and eaten raw, and boiled in pots of salted water.

Growing up, my paternal grandparents grew what I determined was a colossal garden. I was little so the perspective might be skewed, but when I see that same plot as an adult, it’s still enormous. I remember rows of corn towering overhead; it made a small girl feel like she was walking in a land of giants that wore silky tassels. One couldn’t ask for fresher picking than that. Continue reading