jammers, thanks grand central bakery

apricot jammers
two of my favorite things: apricot jam tucked in the middle of a big biscuit

For the most part, I’m one of those savory sorts.  See I didn’t say unsavory:  is that the same as sweet?  Yeah, rather a nonsensical statement.  I prefer salty, spice-filled dishes over the coma-inducing, sugar laden stuff.  I enjoy dessert, I just don’t crave it.

A major exception to this personal quirk would be biscuits.  Maybe that’s because they roll back and forth between sweet – smothered with jam – and savory – popping with cheese, black pepper and herbs.

I’ve stirred together plenty of biscuits over the years; some with great success, others that would have smashed the tiles on the floor…then I encountered jammers at Grand Central Bakery.  Biscuit bliss goin’ on here. Continue reading

food slacker here

Slacker!  Yes, I have been a food write-about-it slacker.  Oh, I’ve fixed and eaten plenty of good food.  The issue is nothing has made it to digital print for a few weeks.  Am I off to a good start for the New Year?  Oh, dear…

I had really good intentions to share a New Year’s pot of black-eyed peas with greens and ham-hock; standard fare for my grandparents.  Like many folks, it represented health and wealth for the coming year.  I don’t know about the wealth part, but the whole thing is crammed with a bunch of good-for-you stuff.  I serve the peas with cornmeal dumplings, a recipe that I picked up from Cooking Light a few years ago.

016See I at least have a pic of the black-eyed peas; a pot of them, not yet made.

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