tonight: warm kale salad

tonight: warm kale salad
warm kale salad with bacon, roasted carrots and avocado

I’m sitting at the swimming pool with a couple of my grandkiddos. They’re bouncing and bobbing on noodles with a lot of other kids. It’s Spring Break, it’s loud, it’s humid and smells like the pool crew added more than enough chlorine to kill anything that might be floating in it. Continue reading

a wee bit of irish inspired eats

a wee bit of irish-inspired eats
shepherd’s pie, meat and vegetables topped with chunky smashed potatoes

Top o’ the morning, friends! I know a very cliché way to start out a St. Paddy’s Day food blog, but that’s what I have today. And truth be told, I do have some Irish blood flowing through my veins and, everyone else is Irish for at least one day a year, right? Continue reading