green salmon and community gardens


how does your garden grow?
how does your garden grow?

If you happen to be a person who reads both of my blogs – the other being Isabella Bird Miscellany – you’ll know that my summer has been packed with short getaways.

Taking an extended vacation is fabulous when time and dollars allow; when that’s not in the cards, sneaking away for a day or two feeds the desire for exploration.

No matter the length of time involved, I like to find good and quirky places to eat; definitely with the emphasis being on the good factor. It’s like a crapshoot, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. Yahacts, our beach destination, did not disappoint; the dice rolled all in our favor. Continue reading

what is it about charred and burnt food?

IMG_6390 (2)
grilled corn on the cob doesn’t need butter, but if you must, by all means do!

The skies are cloudy and moody. Outside, it looks more like fall than being right smack dab in the middle of summer. Peeking at the 7 day forecast, tells me this is my one and only opportunity this week to use the oven without heating up the house to beyond uncomfortable levels; the 90’s are returning.

Having spent the morning at the farmstand gathering red and yellow cherry tomatoes, Italian prune-plums, beets, potatoes and cilantro I was set for the weekly menu that I’d scratched out on a torn piece of yellow legal pad. My organizational skills are usually a little more technical, but not today. And, that is ok.

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