spittin’ watermelon seeds

spittin' watermelon seeds
watermelon, feta and mint salad
I grew up spitting seeds. It was what you did while sitting on the porch with a thick, pie wedge of watermelon; a rosy stain on your face and running in streams down your arms.

My Papa grew the big oval melons with green zig-zag stripes and a creamy yellow underbelly. We’d go out to the garden – which to a little kid seemed to be the size of forever – where he’d thump, roll over and plug to uncover a perfectly ripe melon. It all seemed like some sort of alchemy to a small girl, not that I would have even known the word “alchemy” back then. Continue reading

tonight: tomato pie with fresh herbs

tonight: tomato pie
browned and crisped, the tomatoes melt into the ricotta and herbs

Several years ago, my darling man who doesn’t do a lot of cooking, but is really swell in the clean-up department, took up the habit of fixing brunch on Mother’s Day. This is a total treat – great food, no hurry at an overly busy restaurant, and did I mention great food? Continue reading

national ketchup day

national ketchup dayNational Ketchup (catsup) day was on June 5th, and I missed it! “Arg,” said the girl who loves ketchup and especially Portland Ketchup.

I first had this captivating tomato based elixir a few years ago. We (my man and I) had gone to Kennedy School McMenamins for brunch on Mother’s Day – sans our kids – where were they anyway? It was a grand afternoon sitting on their umbrella and plant inhabited courtyard. Continue reading