baking: it was almost an “oh, no” moment

cardmom sugar with sweet-tart apples

Hubby and I had a rare pleasure… it was raining.  You might think, ugh; I sorta do too, as I’m ready for warm sunshine.  The cool thing was we didn’t have to go to work and could stay in our jammies all day if we wanted.

With a rainy day mix playing on Spotify, I decided that in honor of the type of day, we should forgo our usual smoothie routine for muffins hot out-of-the-oven with extra cups of coffee.  I “Pin” recipes for just such an occasion.  I grabbed my phone, scrolled through my “breakfast on saturday” board and picked Vanilla Pear Muffins.  Don’t they sound heavenly delicious?

I glanced (emphasis on the word glanced; not a good idea when you are baking) at the ingredients, being was pretty sure I still had one stray pear in the refrigerator drawer and butter, eggs, flour, sugar are constants.

crisp gala apples, they're going to be fabulous
crisp gala apples, they’re going to be fabulous

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pi day, oh my, pie!

apple pie with a streusel topping – hurry up and bake!

It’s National Pi Day, a sweet designation for those who geek-out on math, or in my case pie.  The mathematical equation used in figuring out the circumference of my beloved circular gastronomic creations is well, 3.14.  Okay, corny, but I’m not the one who designated March 14th as a holiday applauding food that is piled into crusts.  But I’ll take it!

In my mind, pie falls into a few heavenly categories.  Flaky, butter-laced crusts cradling apples, berries or stone fruit are my splendid idea of dessert, or breakfast – don’t judge.  It has fruit in in.  Those same crisp crusts can carry a mix of vegetables, cheese and eggs to turn into a quiche or leftover meat and potatoes become a pot pie to rival Marie Calendar’s. Continue reading

travel, food and my over-stuffed self!

i love food.  no surprise there since this happens to be a food blog.

As a result of this love affair, one thing I enjoy about traveling is checking out new restaurants or cuisines.  I’m crazy about the local varieties and work really hard at avoiding chains.  They are just the same, same wherever you are.  I get that; I just don’t prefer it.

While venturing away from home, if you’re spending time with others you’re not always at the liberty to choose the eateries.  Living in the Northwest, I’m totally blessed with a cultural mentality of eating fresh, local in-season stuff; well cooked, well prepared but without all of the pomp and circumstance of added fat, salt and other goodies with names I can’t pronounce.  I mean, heck, I can talk to the guy who roasts my coffee beans and plants my veggies.  I like that; it’s how I choose to eat, mostly, anyway. Continue reading