green shoots growing in the window

tangled micro-greens
tangled micro-greens

The calendar says spring, temperatures a few days ago screamed summer and last Thursday it was snowing all day.  Wonky weather messes with my eating habits, big time. Heck, last week I made a pot of chili with pumpkin cornbread because I was stinkin’ cold.   Over the weekend, we grilled chicken and fish; sitting out in the yard with the fire pit burning and grandkiddos running around like little maniacs.

My conundrum:  what I eat is usually dictated by the season; not only the temperature, but what happens to be available.  Recently, horror of horrors, I succumbed to purchasing a pint of strawberries.  They looked all sweet and inviting sitting in their scrub green cardboard container, emitting lovely strawberry aromas.  Sadly, those would-be red garnets were flavor-boring and hence, disappointing. Continue reading

grilled, glorious cheese

peering into the cheese case, so many choices

Glorious grilled cheese, the melty, toasted sandwich of childhood dreams is being celebrated this month.  Yep, a whole month dedicated to slices of bread fused together with creamy, dreamy cheese.

I’ve written about this tasty sidekick to tomato soup before; waxing eloquent, I might be obsessed.

Food history dates the sandwich back to the Romans, morphing to the French version in the form of Croque Monsieur which introduced thin slices of ham and pungent Dijon mustard.  Grilled cheese made its American debut in the 1920’s.  Ubiquitous sliced white, squishy bread and processed American cheese were cheap; making a filling meal for budget-crunched families. Continue reading