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Welcome to thyme, and everything else.



How do you describe yourself without sounding like you’re all that? Good question, right? Well, lets see. I’m a girl who likes to eat. I’m particular, but not picky. I’ll try most things once. But, reserve the right to never eat certain things again.

Many of us prepare food simply out of necessity. After all, we do have to eat to live. I prepare food out of unadulterated enjoyment. Mind you, there are those days when it’s terribly mundane and ordinary. However, most of the time I dig being in the kitchen with pasta, vegetables, glorious cheese and fresh herbs.

During the summer months, I have a small urban vegetable farm. I say “farm” rather loosely. It provides just-picked greens, herbs and an assortment of other edibles.

Having worked in a cooking store, I learned that good pans, sharp knives are essential, and seasonally appropriate foods are where it’s at.  No over thinking or over saucing is necessary when quality ingredients are used.

If I had a slogan it would be, “Good food, made simply.”

Cheers, and happy eating my friends –


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