tonight: spicy eggplant parmesan

tonight: spicy eggplant
spicy eggplant parmesan with caramelized onions and mushrooms

After being on vacay for a week, and having some really good food (especially the lamb shanks at Milo’s), I look forward to eating at home. The first night back, I pulled leftover spaghetti out of the freezer. Yes, it was carby comfort food, and I enjoyed every bite. Now, it’s back to a normal routine which meant fish topped with corn salsa and herb-infused yogurt. However, the weather is chilly, so more hearty comfort is what I’m craving. Enter Eggplant Parm. Continue reading

tonight: spicy prawn, corn and kiwi salad

tonight: spicy prawn, corn and kiwi salad
kiwi, corn and spicy prawns, that’s what’s for dinner

Bubba Blue had it right when he explained in his charming southern drawl, “Shrimp is the fruit of the sea.” (Forrest Gump)  I kinda agree, and then he goes on to explain 21 ways to cook these deep-sea morsels: baked, broiled or fried and adorned with lemon or coconut. I could be on a bit of a seafood kick! Continue reading