off-grid thanksgiving

off grid thanksgivingTrue confession: I’d rather go off-grid since roast turkey isn’t my favorite. I like it. I’m quite fond of turkey sandwiches slathered with mayo, Dijon and cranberry sauce, all squeezed together on a potato roll. Therefore, each year I find myself gravitating to the sides that surround the bird. They absolutely have more appeal for me. Continue reading

tonight: fried egg tostadas

tonight fried egg tostada

Come the end of the week, I’m out of food ideas and often out of ingredients. As a matter of fact, a blog I read has a section called “rent week” meals. It’s all about good, cheap eats and stretching what’s in the cupboard. I get that it’s geared toward young people who are stretching dollars when bills come due, but don’t we all have times when there’s simply not much left? Continue reading

pumpkin this and that

pumpkin this and thatPumpkin this and that and everything else forges ahead. As previously, emphatically stated, I don’t do pumpkin drinks, but pumpkin in all sorts of other dishes is another story. Quite frankly, I’ve ended up with portions of leftover pumpkin. That happens when you bake muffins and the recipe only uses half of the can; hence, the need for resourceful, but fabulous ways to use up the orts. Continue reading