grandma buzzini’s christmas cookies

Grandma Buzzini's recipe card - love that it's in her handwriting
Grandma Buzzini’s recipe card – love that it’s in her handwriting

There are certain things that are matches made in heaven; peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving and well, Christmas and cookies. Maybe it’s the whole what-we-leave-for-Santa thing, I don’t know. I do know that more cookies get made and eaten at my house during December than any other time of the year.

I was reading an article about cookie recipes passed down through the family that are still used. As I read, it reminded me of one of my favorites from my man’s Grandma Buzzini – isn’t that a great name?

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tiny meatball soup

tiny meatball soup
tiny meatball soup with oregano, basil and fresh parsley

You know that point when you’re totally over the indulgence of Holiday food? Yeah, for me it’s like on Thanksgiving night. I do love all the components; I guess it’s the volume.

So on Sunday afternoon, when we were invited to stop by one of our kids for leftovers, I gently sighed and accepted, remembering I’d loved the quinoa salad my daughter-in-law had prepared.

To my full on taste bud delight, she had a pot of soup on the burner. It was Italian Wedding Soup-ish with tiny meatballs floating in a savory broth with visible flecks of herbs. I had two bowls before we needed to scoot to the market ourselves. Continue reading