there will be turkey

smoked on-the-grill turkey rubbed and stuffed with oranges and herbs
smoked on the grill turkey rubbed and stuffed with orange and herbs

Sure, there will be turkey, but I’m all about the sides.  You see, I’m not a giant fan of turkey; preferring roasted chicken.  That said, I will definitely roast a bird, it will be delicious, but I’m dreaming and drooling over the dishes that go with Mr. T. Turkey.

My list keeps growing, and needs to be whittled down, as tonight I’m meeting up with the girls to nail down the menu.  We’ve already talked about the obligatory, got-to-have’s, but I keep seeing all kinds of options and riffs that make my taste buds break into a song and dance act. Continue reading

vegetal geek here

beet of my heart

I’m kind of a vegetable geek. I get all, wow, did you see those rutabagas? It’s a bit like when Leonard and Sheldon go to the comic book store on The Big Bang Theory. Now, I’m not inept and awkward when it comes to social norms, but I do enjoy a fab pizza loaded with charred veggies or an omelet stuffed with green stuff and topped with avocado.

The profuse summer produce is history, unless it was somehow preserved. What’s exploding are roots and cole crops. These babies are able to tolerate the colder temps, unlike some of us who are now wearing multiple layers. Big, dirt-caked Russet potatoes, cabbages the size of a small child, parsnips, turnips and Brussel sprouts, I’m filled with vegetal happiness. Continue reading