little vs big – the zucchini story

IMG_6066This past winter I serendipitously fell into a community garden. I really say fell, because it was by mere chance. I don’t live in the neighborhood where the garden is located and I was new to Bend, but was working for a food place of sorts. They had received notice that our parks department was looking for volunteers to be on a steering committee. I had nothing better to do that evening, so I went – more to gather information than actually participating. That didn’t last … I became an accomplice. Continue reading


gettin’ figgy with it

an assortment of figs
an assortment of figs

Plop … then chatter, chatter, chatters from a mob of Starlings devouring sweet fruit that’s splattered all over the stones on the patio; that was a regular occurrence every fall as the fig tree in our former backyard got heavier with fruit. There were times, especially after the rains began, that it seemed like just a slimy mess leaving sticky, blackish stains everywhere.

One summer hubby tried to cut the tree down, but it just kept growing back. I think it had more lives than a cat.

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i went for yogurt, and got roasted chiles

they are here
they are here

Quite by accident, I now have six pounds of roasted green chiles in the freezer. I say by accident because frozen yogurt for my hubby was the reason for stopping by the store.

Walking through the parking lot, piquant whiffs called to me like sirens (a beautiful, dangerous creature) luring sailors. Big tumbling rollers filled with blistering chiles turned slowly over the flame. I crashed into chile bliss. Continue reading