tonight: warm kale salad

tonight: warm kale salad
warm kale salad with bacon, roasted carrots and avocado

I’m sitting at the swimming pool with a couple of my grandkiddos. They’re bouncing and bobbing on noodles with a lot of other kids. It’s Spring Break, it’s loud, it’s humid and smells like the pool crew added more than enough chlorine to kill anything that might be floating in it. Continue reading

hey there kumquat!

hey there kumquat
kumquats, little gold gems of sweet-tart goodness

In the winter, just when we are feeling totally deprived of warmth and lazy days out on the patio in shorts and flips, along comes peak citrus season. Yes, all of these sweet, tart, tangy, juicy bites of goodness burst with just the right amount of sun so we can get up and start shoveling one more round of snow.

This has been a winter to beat all winters, with record breaking snowfall and temps dropping to bottom basement levels. Continue reading