hot chocolate day!

hot chocolate day!National fill-in-the-blank Food Day is a thing. Being a food geek, but not a snob, I know stuff like this. For instance, yesterday was all about croissants. A beautiful celebration of flaky, laminated dough bathed in butter – oh, my. And, gloriously today happens to be equally epicurean; it’s National Hot Chocolate Day! Continue reading

grandma buzzini’s christmas cookies

Grandma Buzzini's recipe card - love that it's in her handwriting
Grandma Buzzini’s recipe card – love that it’s in her handwriting

There are certain things that are matches made in heaven; peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving and well, Christmas and cookies. Maybe it’s the whole what-we-leave-for-Santa thing, I don’t know. I do know that more cookies get made and eaten at my house during December than any other time of the year.

I was reading an article about cookie recipes passed down through the family that are still used. As I read, it reminded me of one of my favorites from my man’s Grandma Buzzini – isn’t that a great name?

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thanksgiving, and there will be pie!

thanksgiving there will be pie
cranberry pie, one part tang + one part sweet = perfect

Funny thing happened. I spent some time the last couple of days writing a blog post, only to have one I wrote this time last year pop up on my Facebook “share your memories.” It was way too similar, all about turkey or sides; you know that great consideration, of which I fall on the side of the sides. Turkey is merely a vehicle for the go-withs. I thought, “Would it be plagiarism if I wrote the post?” Anyway, those 500 words got ditched in lieu of the dessert board. Continue reading

lemon and blueberry icebox cake

lemon blueberry icebox cake
lemon blueberry icebox cake

“Grandma, this is the best dessert ever!” says my 11 year old grandson, as he grabs piece number three. I take that as high acclaim; right up there with a Michelin-star or two. The item of his gastronomic dreams was nothing other than an updated version of an old-fashioned back-of-the-box favorite: icebox cake.

I had seen the recipe, and been lured in by the photos. So I saved it on Pinterest.  Isn’t that what we all do these days? For me, it’s much tidier than all of the torn or cut-out pages that I have in files and folders, which I do go back to. There is still something enticing about thumbing through cookbooks and clippings of recipes from newspapers, or how about the cards that I have written in loved ones handwriting? Continue reading

happy birthday, America…and me


how does your garden grow?
how does your garden grow?

I’m a happy girl.  Summer has arrived, both officially and on the weather man’s forecast. Saturday hubby and I took the short walk to our neighborhood farmer’s market. It’s somewhat ironic since I’d been to my fave farm-stand only the day before, but hey! I picked up different things in both places. My “what we will be eating” list was long which equated to a heavy tote bag to lug home.  There could be worse problems, right?

Early summer sees the advent of two special events. Yeah, there’s that “minor” observance known as Fourth of July, where we have a bang-up time of barbecuing, playing baseball and eating apple pie with homemade ice cream, all while celebrating our great nation’s independence. Then … there is my birthday. I’ve always held onto the notion that the fireworks exploding in brilliant colors in the dark, inky sky are for me!  Come on, I bet all you other July birthday people think the same thing.  Continue reading

baking: it was almost an “oh, no” moment

cardmom sugar with sweet-tart apples

Hubby and I had a rare pleasure… it was raining.  You might think, ugh; I sorta do too, as I’m ready for warm sunshine.  The cool thing was we didn’t have to go to work and could stay in our jammies all day if we wanted.

With a rainy day mix playing on Spotify, I decided that in honor of the type of day, we should forgo our usual smoothie routine for muffins hot out-of-the-oven with extra cups of coffee.  I “Pin” recipes for just such an occasion.  I grabbed my phone, scrolled through my “breakfast on saturday” board and picked Vanilla Pear Muffins.  Don’t they sound heavenly delicious?

I glanced (emphasis on the word glanced; not a good idea when you are baking) at the ingredients, being was pretty sure I still had one stray pear in the refrigerator drawer and butter, eggs, flour, sugar are constants.

crisp gala apples, they're going to be fabulous
crisp gala apples, they’re going to be fabulous

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