national ketchup day

national ketchup dayNational Ketchup (catsup) day was on June 5th, and I missed it! “Arg,” said the girl who loves ketchup and especially Portland Ketchup.

I first had this captivating tomato based elixir a few years ago. We (my man and I) had gone to Kennedy School McMenamins for brunch on Mother’s Day – sans our kids – where were they anyway? It was a grand afternoon sitting on their umbrella and plant inhabited courtyard.

I remember ordering a form of Eggs Benedict;Β one of those things I love, but only treat myself to a handful of times a year. My Benny was served deconstructed on a bed of potato and vegetable hash with the English muffins on the side.Β On the table was a wooden container with assorted condiments, you know the stuff – salt and pepper, vinegar, Aardvark Sauce and Portland Ketchup. I reached for the ketchup, as any self-respecting fried potato gets better with the stuff.

national ketchup day
my eggs were cooked medium/hard and this blackberry jam was super

Oh my goodness! The people at PDX Ketchup got it right. There’s just the right amount of tomato mixed with a touch of vinegar, some sugar for sweetness and a perfect array of spices to give it a handsome flavor. I know that chocolate is called the food of the gods, but I beg to differ.

I appreciate picking up a locally made organic product that tastes as fab as this ketchup. Another cool thing is the about town photos that appear on the labels. These guys even encourage everyday folks like you and me to share our favorite area pics.

national ketchup day
my current almost empty bottle is pictured with “Mossy Tree in Washington Park”

Ok, in honor of National Ketchup Day (that I missed) I’ve spilled my love affair with Portland Ketchup, but I also thought you’d like to have a few facts about the ubiquitous tomato-packet celeb:

  • 97% of American homes have a bottle of ketchup.
  • Ketchup made in the summer is composed of very ripe tomatoes. Batches during the rest of the year are from a puree or paste.
  • Ketchup doesn’t require preservatives.
  • Originally, ketchup (catsup) didn’t have tomatoes. It was a table sauce made of mushrooms, walnuts, anchovies and kidney beans.

There you have it, friends! This is a true confession of a dedicated ketchup lover. Dipping, dunking, slathering and all that jazz on burgers, dogs, potatoes, meatloaf, yes, yes I will!

Happy eating –




4 thoughts on “national ketchup day

  1. Portland Ketchup is the best! I came across some interesting recipes to make it and will give it a try when tomatoes are ripening later this summer. One of my favorite types of ketchup is a curried variety that’s popular in Germany.
    So, happy belated National Ketchup Day to you, Missy! πŸ˜‹

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    1. Our local spice shop has been posting ideas for mix ins to up the Ketchup and mustard ante and one of their suggestions was to stir in some curry powder. I think I might give it a go. It might be really nice on a lamb burger or mushroom for you 😁

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      1. Yes! We always ate the curried ketchup with “Weisswurst” in Germany. I’m certain you’d like it! And even though I wouldn’t eat one now, I have very fond memories of my teenage years, when I’d go to a Imbissstube (snack bar) with my friends once a week after school to indulge in one of those treats. World Market sells the real German curry ketchup. 😊

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