oh happy day, my farmer’s market is open


oh happy day, my farmers
breakfast radishes, aren’t they pretty?
Happiness comes in very simple ways for me. In springtime – flowers, birds, bugs bopping about and my farmer’s market opening after what seems like a forever winter hiatus.

Back in the early 90’s we lived in Australia where I got hooked on visiting the year ‘round farmers markets every Sunday afternoon. Since the climate is temperate, stuff grows continuously. I really learned to rely upon fresh, in-season vegetables, truly being spoiled.

oh happy day, my farmers
salad onions

There are a few vegetables that I’ll buy frozen, but most of what I choose is fresh – even in the dead of winter. Granted, the choice at the grocery store is extensive, since items are brought in from all over. Occasionally, I’ll give in and purchase something that’s pushing the season, but for the most part, I cook with what’s not flown in from half way across the world.

oh happy day, my farmers
hairy rainbow carrots with a peek from rainbow chard

Living in an area that experiences real winter (especially this year) means waiting patiently for my farm stand to open. Guess what? It opened just over a week ago, and I’m happy. I found greens and radishes and carrots and jars of local honey, asparagus and salad onions.

oh happy day, my farmers
chalked in words hail the arrival of onions, favas and rhubarb

As springtime moves to early summer, more fruits and vegetables will be added. But, for now, I’m envisioning salted butter with radishes and bread. Since I picked up a sockeye salmon fillet, I might drizzle it with a little honey and roast the carrots as side.

Everything is fresh and new. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to flavors I’ve not played with since last spring. There’s asparagus to roast and eat out-of-hand, berries to swallow whole or drip over sugar-topped shortcakes and baby lettuces with a squeeze of lemon juice and shaved parmesan cheese. You get my drift on the light, fresh aspect? I bet you do!

Happy eating, my friends –





14 thoughts on “oh happy day, my farmer’s market is open

  1. Missy, I’m so jealous right now I could scream. This all looks so wonderful, I want it now, but our farmer’s market won’t be open for a couple more weeks or months. Never sure around here, where it all depends on weather. I want to visit one now, and getting so impatient now that the weather is warmer. Enjoy a few bites for me, okay?

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    1. Hey Angie! Our weather hasn’t been fabulous, but our intrepid farm stand is braving it. In fact, the day I went, we’d had a massive hail storm, and they were sweeping piles of hail off of the canopy! I’m grateful for their dedication! And … I’ll have bites for you!

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      1. When you get the hail like that you are supposed t0 sweep it up and make ice cream, Missy. And that idea just made me want some. I’ll have to get busy on that one, now that I think about it. I have a one pint maker, just perfect for me. Also have all the ingredients to make some, and the temp today should be in the ’80’s so hopefully no brain freeze from eating it. That part ‘urts! Guess I’ll run over to the grocery and see it they have anything that looks decent in the product department. Doubtful, but there’s always hope. I also need a bottle of vodka for my extracts. Working on lime extract right now, with orange and lemon almost ready to decantl

        Eat some corn on the cob for me when that is ready, please??? Always a favorite, but not so easy now that I’m old and decrypt. I’ll eat my own strawberries when the local crop comes in next month. I’m getting my pots ready for tomato plants again. Last year was not a good tomato year, but hoping for better luck this time. I’ll start my seedlings from some heirloom tomatoes I saved, but will get a couple of starts at the nursery, just in case. Huge sigh here. I’m dreaming about your fresh veggies right now and it’s making me crazy — make that crazier than usual..

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      2. Hahaha! Ice cream made from the hail. I’d never heard of that before. We do make “snow” ice cream with a bit of vanilla and sugar. I hope your tomatoes do better this year. My garden last year was a bit of a bust between a few late cold snaps and the ground squirrels that were very hungry. Oh, well, this is a new year! Cheers!

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      3. The hail was used as ice for freezing the ice cream. My grandparents told me the story so many times, and I always got such a kick out of it. The hail destroyed some crops, but they still had the milk cows and just didn’t believe in letting the icy bombs go to waste. If I hadn’t heard that story long before reading “Little House On the Prairie” I would never have believed it,, but my Mom could remember that summer and assured me it was true. It sure makes for the neighborhood barbershop kind of story though, doesn’t it? We had the snowcream every winter back in my day. I wouldn’t dare eat that now though with all the junk in the air. I’m constantly surprised that we didn’t all get sick back then, but all in all were a healthy group of kids.

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  2. Lucky you! It’s another week or two for my favorite market to open! I still have some pesto and marinated dehydrated tomatoes in the freezer. There is nothing like vegetables fresh from the market or garden.
    We’ve been enjoying fresh local asparagus and the salad onions.
    I ate radish sandwiches growing up, and still love them. Great post Missy! Have a good week and happy spring cooking! 😀

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    1. The asparagus has been fabulous! We’ve had it several times already and it’s just getting started. I do remember being able to forage for it here in Central Oregon … I just need to find a farmer’s field and the canal running through it! Have a great week too!

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      1. Years ago my sister-in-law lived on a farm and it grew prolifically along the irrigation canals. It was really slender and more woody that cultivated asparagus, but there was something wonderful about the wild aspect.

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      2. The flavor must have been really good! Perhaps peeling would improve the texture? When we were in Germany my sister made white asparagus and peeled it. Hers were more tender than the ones I did. I was unaware that the skin on them was so tough. They don’t really it green asparagus there! 🙂

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