green shoots growing in the window

tangled micro-greens
tangled micro-greens

The calendar says spring, temperatures a few days ago screamed summer and last Thursday it was snowing all day.  Wonky weather messes with my eating habits, big time. Heck, last week I made a pot of chili with pumpkin cornbread because I was stinkin’ cold.   Over the weekend, we grilled chicken and fish; sitting out in the yard with the fire pit burning and grandkiddos running around like little maniacs.

My conundrum:  what I eat is usually dictated by the season; not only the temperature, but what happens to be available.  Recently, horror of horrors, I succumbed to purchasing a pint of strawberries.  They looked all sweet and inviting sitting in their scrub green cardboard container, emitting lovely strawberry aromas.  Sadly, those would-be red garnets were flavor-boring and hence, disappointing.

hood strawberries 2015, fabulous
hood strawberries 2015, fabulous

With all of this gastro-confusion, I’m obliged to go back to convictions.  Eat with the season.  As a result, a rainy April day doesn’t include vine-ripened tomatoes showered with torn basil leaves or slices of watermelon sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt.  More likely you’ll find me consuming pea shoots and other blends of micro-greens, early radishes and tender lettuce.

My local farmer’s market is set to open next weekend.  I can’t wait.  I anticipate finding baby lettuce, a few dirt-caked carrots, mild spring onions and end-of-the-season winter roots.

no dirt, sweet rainbow carrots
no dirt, sweet rainbow carrots

While I wait, rather impatiently, for the community garden to open up plots to plant with stuff that won’t fit in pots on my windowsill, I’ll satisfy my craving for green shoots in the form of emerging vegetables.

A sunny ledge is prime real estate when impatience is leading the way.  Terracotta crammed with earth and sprinkled with seeds, produces a crop of shoots to add to sandwiches, fold into omelets or toss with other salad greens. It’s pretty fabulous to have a lively bite of young sprouts on a bowl of stew.

pea shoots gilded with sunshine
pea shoots

Basic how-to’s for peashoots:

  • Pick up some organic pea seeds.
  • Place seeds in a wide mouth jar; cover with water and let soak for a few minutes.  Secure a piece of cheese cloth over the opening of the container and drain the water.  It’s okay to leave some moisture in the jar.  Place the jar in a sunny window.
  • Over the next few days add water, soak and drain until the seeds begin to sprout.
  • Now it’s time to plant the crop. Put a couple inches of planting mix in the pot, closely nestling the sprouted seeds in the soil.
  • Place back in the window.  Keep moist.
  • When the shoots have reached three to five inches they are ready to harvest.  Snip and enjoy.

The farmer’s market and community garden are my growing season hang-outs, but my windowsill tides me over –



11 thoughts on “green shoots growing in the window

  1. I had the same disappointing strawberry experience the other day. Our farmers market should open soon as well. It’s one of my favorite places to shop. I have some seeds for micro greens in the pantry! Thanks for the how-to on growing them. Your encouraging post was just what I needed! Thanks Missy! 😀

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      1. Hi Missy! Haven’t been to those, but will check them out sometime. I go to Milwaukie and really like the Sunnyside one. Sunnyside Market is small, but I’ve gotten acquainted with some of the growers and often get killer deals! Have a good week! 😊

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  2. I have been to the Milwaukie market, but not the one in Sunnyside. There are several neighborhood markets. Fun to see the different personalities in each.


  3. Shucks Missy, I just planted my peas in potting soil and now they are taking over the pot. I’m hoping for a crop of sugar snap peas from them though. I already have a squash blossom from the zucchini I planted, and the two tomato plants are blooming, so really hoping for a couple of tomatoes eventually. Doing the pollination by hand, using a soft brush for the “wings” and holding my breath that it works. Never tried this before, but if you don’t try you don’t know if it will work or not. The tomato vines are healthy looking, anyway.


    1. Oh my goodness, Angie! I saw the pictures of your indoor garden on your page last night. Your stuff looks like it’s growing like crazy! I’ll be curious to hear how the hand pollination goes.

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      1. I can’t believe how my plants are growing Missy. Everything used to commit suicide on the way home, and now they are growing like crazy. I’m loving it. Just transplanted some of the peas while thinning them out. They are all growing like weeds also. They love my sunny window exposures.

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  4. I, as in hubby and son, worked on a cloche yesterday to cover my new plot at the community garden. Things need a bit of protection against the random frost and winds. I hope to get some stuff started in there later this week. If not, a few things on the patio are doing okay!

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    1. I wish we had patios here. They will never finish the new elevator, so I plan on using it for some of my overflow plants, including the tree, and a couple of the really large vines that are taking over the apartment. After I get enough zucchini I’ll put that one out there for the neighbors to help themselves, ditto the tomatoes because of my allergies. I’m also getting a smokeless grill to put there, and hoping no one comes up to investigate very often. I’ll bring it back inside after use, but it will be good there for floor parties. ❤ 🙂

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      1. It’s raining again so I can’t play outside. I have to play inside and the elevator shaft –I mean area is the only place that I haven’t spread out to yet. I’m going out to get my smokeless grill today even if it does rain on my parade, plus a couple more succulents. and some shelves if I can find some I can carry on my chair without sideswiping someone on the way home. Or running in a ditch. Or off a curb. Or into a building. Or over a person. People get testy if I hit them or run over their feet. You would think they would move out of my way when they see me coming. Gheesh!

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