pi day, oh my, pie!

apple pie with a streusel topping – hurry up and bake!

It’s National Pi Day, a sweet designation for those who geek-out on math, or in my case pie.  The mathematical equation used in figuring out the circumference of my beloved circular gastronomic creations is well, 3.14.  Okay, corny, but I’m not the one who designated March 14th as a holiday applauding food that is piled into crusts.  But I’ll take it!

In my mind, pie falls into a few heavenly categories.  Flaky, butter-laced crusts cradling apples, berries or stone fruit are my splendid idea of dessert, or breakfast – don’t judge.  It has fruit in in.  Those same crisp crusts can carry a mix of vegetables, cheese and eggs to turn into a quiche or leftover meat and potatoes become a pot pie to rival Marie Calendar’s.

shepherd's pie, well pie is in the name
shepherd’s pie, well pie is in the name

Once in a while pie takes on a different getup.  Take for example Shepherd’s Pie which is made from lamb mince (or its cousin, Cottage Pie using ground beef) and vegetables; then topped with a crust of smashed potatoes.  This falls into my pie catalog.  Think about it; it has a crust!

thin crust, not quite the deep-dish pie
thin crust, not quite the deep-dish pie

You know how everyone has that one food they could almost live on?  Mine would be pizza.  Some people/places refer to theirs as pizza pies.  Now, I do get that this is usually a deep-dish ditty and I’m a thin, crisp crust girl, but for the sake of this post, I’ll use my culinary and palate license.

mixed berry cobbler, is it a pie?
mixed berry cobbler, is it a pie?

Back to the little sweet-tooth part of me that comes out for pie, how about berry cobbler?  We could be pushing the pie envelope, but I don’t care.  I’m throwing caution to the wind, climbing out on a limb and digging into its tempting, biscuit-crust topped goodness.

How far are you willing to go for pie?

Happy eating – Missy


11 thoughts on “pi day, oh my, pie!

  1. This is my kind of pie Missy. I could even slice this into even helpings — just grab a fork and the whole thing and dig in! I knew I would never use algebra or geometry way back when.
    As for the question about a cobbler being a pie, if it has fruit, sugar, cinnamon and crust, it’s a berry good pie (don’t hit me, I couldn’t resist). And if it has chocolate pudding and a tall topping of meringue poured into a crust, it’s the only way to make a cream pie! Now I’m hungry for pie so I have to go look around for something to use in my pie plate. Have a good week, A.

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  2. HI Missy! Great post! I’m not that crazy about pie, but will have some every so often. Never really mastered pie crust. But I still remember my mother-in-laws butterscotch pie! I should try to make it sometime!
    As for pizza, I’m with you on the crust. Thin and crisp!
    And lastly, did you ever read “Life of Pi”? One of my all time favorite books! 😀

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    1. Hey Sabine! I’m not so fabulous at the crust part, either. I have discovered a few all ready made ones that I like … Trader Joe’s being one of them. You know, I do have a copy of “LIfe of Pi,” but it is sadly packed in a box right now. One of our spring projects is to find a place in our tiny-ish house to have all of our books out. Have a nice week.

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