travel, food and my over-stuffed self!

i love food.  no surprise there since this happens to be a food blog.

As a result of this love affair, one thing I enjoy about traveling is checking out new restaurants or cuisines.  I’m crazy about the local varieties and work really hard at avoiding chains.  They are just the same, same wherever you are.  I get that; I just don’t prefer it.

While venturing away from home, if you’re spending time with others you’re not always at the liberty to choose the eateries.  Living in the Northwest, I’m totally blessed with a cultural mentality of eating fresh, local in-season stuff; well cooked, well prepared but without all of the pomp and circumstance of added fat, salt and other goodies with names I can’t pronounce.  I mean, heck, I can talk to the guy who roasts my coffee beans and plants my veggies.  I like that; it’s how I choose to eat, mostly, anyway.

meat and avocado, oh my
meat and avocado, oh my

Last week I had the super, fab, warm opportunity to be in the desert southwest where sun, sand and Tex-Mex food reigns supreme.  Creamy refried beans, shredded beef enchiladas lying under a melty blanket of cheese, crisp taquitos primed to be dipped in guacamole and grilled, marinated flat meat to wrap up in warm tortillas settled on my plate each day.  Burgers on the Hibachi piled with sweet green chilies from Montrose, Colorado – a fierce competitor of Hatch chilies, according to locals – served up with just-made coleslaw and breakfast plates laden with slabs of sweet, smoky ham the size of the platter, yep, I dedicatedly ate it all.

tortilllas + cheese
tortilllas + cheese

So, as you can imagine, after a week of corrupt culinary indulgence I needed something clean and very green.  Since I wasn’t in my veggie, vegan know-where-your-food-comes-from state, a trip to the grocery store was what I needed.  Heading straight for the produce aisle, I made my way to the take-out salads in a bowl.  Sitting all smug on a refrigerated shelf was my darling kale salad; dark green, nutritious little concoction crammed with carrots, red onion, dried cranberries and bits of chicken.

My very over-stuffed-self rejoiced!

All good sojourns eventually come to an end.  There is such a thing as getting back home and to reality.  Arriving in verdant lands (literally and figuratively in foodspeak) with a 2 ½ hour layover, what’s a person to do, but seek out something to occupy the time.  Food is always a good occupier, especially when one is hungry (hard to believe, right?)

polenta topped with legumes and vegetables
polenta topped with legumes and vegetables

The cherry-picked place, Laurelwood Public House, had a menu packed with food to my liking.  Dining on herb-filled polenta topped with roasted red peppers, black beans and pico, with grand, glorious greens was certainly a welcome home to me.

I know I’m not the only one who binges while on vacay, what’s your guilty splurge?

Drinking green smoothies again … Missy



8 thoughts on “travel, food and my over-stuffed self!

  1. That must be where your lemons came from! We often have a hard time eating well while traveling! Right now, I would love to have that polenta dish! Even here in Maui, most menues are heavy on the meat and seafood dishes. Makes me wonder, because they do grow a lot of fabulous fruits and veggies here. I am looking forward to coming home and cooking something like your polenta! 😎

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    1. Yes, my lemons are from my father-in-law’s garden in southern Nevada. I think many restaurants simply take the easy way and serve to the masses. Hopefully, you will find a roadside stand with some fresh goodies.

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      1. We had a great dinner tonight, the rest of the time we were adventurous and explored our options. I guess I just struggle with what the masses eat! I do like a little junk now and then, but only now and then!
        I will have to make some polenta when we get home! 😊 Have a great week!

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  2. This sorta makes my smoked turkey look like stupid turkey, sitting there waiting for me to decide how to utilize it before I eat it all as is. Of course it gets some help from my spinach greens, fennel, caramelized onions and whatever else I have on hand — including the last of my watermelon pickles, but– ah, what the heck. I’m now dreaming of my turkey stuck in one of your salads, with the polenta on the side (in KY we call it mush) Did I mention the homemade bread that goes with it?


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